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Losing Weight the Healthy Way

Not all weight gain is created equal. Therefore, not all weight loss plans should be the exact same either.  At Synapse, we look at the cause for the weight gain and approach it comprehensively.  There are many causes to weight gain including blood sugar dysregulation, hormone imbalance, toxification and liver congestion, intestinal inflammation and metabolism dysfunction.  The first aspect of our weight loss programs is to identify the underlying cause and then to uniquely create  program that helps not only to cause the weight to come off but also to stay off and maintain.  Our programs closely monitor patients and through the monitoring we are able to assess the reasons for plateaus that naturally occur with weight loss programs.  Weight is extremely multifactoral in nature and by approaching weight loss individually and comprehensively, our doctors have amazing success helping patients achieve their weight loss goals.


 It’s Not Just About Being Skinny

Photo of our Eagn weight loss clinicAny weight loss is such an important part of total health.  Research has now shown that adipose/fat tissue is metabolically active and triggers the body.  Fat becomes the storage site for hormones, toxins, and other chemical compounds in the body.  Therefore, anytime that fat tissue is lost, there are major benefits to overall health, especially the endocrine and hormone systems of the body.


You can drastically lower your risk of many diseases, such as heart disease, stroke, dementia, diabetes, and certain cancers, just by losing 10 pounds.  Losing weight also helps to decrease your blood sugar levels, blood pressure levels, and cholesterol.  There is no denying all the benefits to losing weight and maintaining a healthy body mass level. Lastly, most patients notice an improvement in overall mood.


“When I get out of the shower and see my new body in the mirror my outlook on the whole day improves. Now I have the energy to face any challenges the world throws at me!”  -Brad T. Eagan, MN

Natural Alternatives to Lose Weight

We also have patients that go on a homeopathic HCG program that can be utilized for faster weight loss.  It is important though whenever utilizing a weight loss plan that it is done comprehensively and you are monitored so that the weight loss occurs correctly.  Look under our HCG section for more information how we utilize it at the clinic.  We have had great success with this this program and it is set up to make sure the weight loss occurs at a safe and effective rate.  And the most important aspect of any weight loss program is that it is not a fad diet and that the weight stays off.  We have had many patients use HCG to reach their ideal weight and after the shifts in fat and lean body mass, they are able to keep it off!

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