Scar Tissue

labScar tissue has a physiological effect on the body.  At the site of the scar tissue, there is restriction in the matrix of connective and fibrous tissue.  Whether the scar occurs from surgery, trauma, or an old injury, it can have a lasting effect on the body’s function.  It has the ability to restrict movement of the muscle and fascia and also affect function, especially if it is located near an organ or joint.

Scar tissue and adhesions occur not only due to the trauma, but also as part of the natural healing process of the body.  Scar tissue causes changes to the area of the tissue and also compensation throughout the body.  Once the adhesions form, the changes to the tissue remain and therefore, it is important to treat the area.

We can utilize Frequency Specific Microcurrent, FSM, to treat the tissue and help to heal by promoting energy production and tissue repair at the site.  The hands-on therapy helps to break apart the scar tissue and repair the area.  The treatment protocol is once a week for 4 weeks.  Each session will be slightly different depending on the size, location, and tissue involvement of your scar.  There will also be an essential oil given to help promote the healing process between visits.

This same program is great to utilize for post-surgical recovery.  And it is so safe that it can be started the day after surgery!

The results are truly amazing!


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