Re-Exam Explanation

What is the purpose of a Re-exam Appointment?

A Re-exam Appointment helps determine if treatment plan goals were met and identify new levels of dysfunction. In many cases, healthcare can be like peeling the layers of an onion. You continue to peel the layers until the core issue is exposed. During your Re-exam Appointment, it is important to relate any new health goals you may have. Often times at the Re-exam Appointment we will put together a new treatment plan or create a wellness plan, depending on the individual’s need.


What can I expect during a Re-exam Appointment?

A thorough assessment of your physical, chemical and emotional health will be performed.


How often will I need a Re-exam Appointment?

If you have not been to SYNAPSE in the past 3-6 months, we will schedule you for a Re-exam Appointment even when your primary complaint is the same as past visits. Re-exams are also needed with the onset of a new injury or condition. A Re-exam Appointment is implemented when an individual is not responding to the proposed treatment plan or when complications or extraneous circumstances arise.

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