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Massage Complements Chiropractic Care:
Therapeutic Massage is one of the best compliments to chiropractic care.  Because muscles are attached to bones and joints it is very important for them to be relaxed and stretched to aid in adjustments to the skeletal system.   Proper alignment helps to ensure the free flow of nerve impulses and circulation of blood and lymph.
Some Benefits of Massage with Chiropractic Care:
  • Helps prepare the body for better adjustments
  • It increases the effectiveness of treatments
  • Relieves muscle tension and pain
  • Helps prevent future pain and injuries
  • Helps you relax overall and become more receptive to the adjustments needed

By joining the club you will receive a MONTHLY massage at a discounted rate.

$55 for a 60 minute massage (reg. $84.80) $79 for a 90 minute massage (reg. $127.20)

Sign up and choose which massage is best for you! The first of each month your credit card will be charged – all you need to do is make your monthly appointment!!


$59/60 MINUTES OR  $83/90 MINUTES!!!

*You may “gift” the first massage but any additional massages during the same calendar month can only be used by the Massage Club Member.

If you would like to learn more about our Eagan massage services click here.

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