Lymph Machine

What is the purpose of a Lymph Machine?

The Lymph Machine is a safe and effective means of stimulating the lymphatic and circulatory systems. The lymphatic system works in close cooperation with other body systems to perform these important functions:

  • The lymphatic system aids the immune system in destroying pathogens and filtering waste so that the lymph can be safely returned to the circulatory system.
  • The lymphatic system removes excess fluid, waste, debris, dead blood cells, pathogens, cancer cells, and toxins from these cells and the tissue spaces between them.
  • The lymphatic system also works with the circulatory system to deliver nutrients, oxygen, and hormones from the blood to the cells that make up the tissues of the body.


Why should I consider using the Lymph Machine?

  • Lymphedema (accumulation of excess fluid in the body)
  • Poor circulation and/or improper lymphatic drainage
  • Used in conjunction with a detoxification treatment plan
  • Burn calories


How does the Lymph Machine work?

The platform of the machine shakes vigorously from side to side and is pre-programmed to adjust the intensity of the shaking motion. The fast shaking motion stimulates various parts of your body and subsequently promotes lymphatic drainage and increases blood circulation throughout the body.


What can I expect during a Lymph Machine session?

You will stand upright on the Lymph Machine for 10 minutes. Your therapist or doctor may recommend a Lymph Machine session to target your upper body and arms. For this treatment, you will kneel in front of the machine and place your hands on the platform. The therapy is not strenuous and requires no exertion. This therapy is contraindicated for pregnant women.


How will I feel after using the Lymph Machine?

Following a session on the Lymph Machine, you may feel a tingling in your extremities and/or have an itching sensation. This is due to the increased blood flow and circulation of toxins. After using the Lymph Machine, most people feel rejuvenated and return to their normal activities. Slight fatigue or headache later in the day is possible due to the natural detoxification process. Drinking water will help resolve this issue.

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