Functional Movement Assessment

stock-photo-one-caucasian-man-young-spri-673772What is the Functional Movement Assessment?

Synapse Center for Health and Healing offers a Functional Movement Assessment (FMA) in which Dr. Mark screens for mobility, motor control and/or stability issues. Functional movement assessments are being used currently to assess professional athletes’ risk for injury in the NFL, PGA, NBA, NCAA, & MLB.

The goal of the assessment is to reduce compensation and decrease injury risk by targeting an athlete’s faulty movement patterns and reducing compensations that have been created through dysfunctional training. The assessment looks at how your body moves as a whole. The results of the test will then help develop an individualized program for you to help you work on any weaknesses or imbalances. If you continue to train with dysfunctional movement (i.e. weakness, imbalances, mobility issues, etc.), you will be training in a dysfunctional manner, which will put you at risk for injury and decrease your ability to perform to you highest potential.

You may be thinking that you don’t need to be screened because you don’t have any injuries, but it’s meant to reduce your risk for injury, not help treat them after they occur. This allows you to focus your energy and time on improving as an athlete, rather than focus on nursing an injury for weeks/months. FMA helps athletes of all levels improve. Even the elite! The screen also helps to make sure that you are efficient with your workouts. For example, if you squat with poor form because of tight hips, you will be limiting the amount of weight you can lift or how fast you can do air squats, on top of putting your back, knees and ankles at risk for injury.

How does it work?

The cost is $79 (a $250 Value) for the initial and the follow up assessment. The screen takes 30 minutes, including the testing and exercise recommendations. It’s preferred that you do not workout before your screen so that the test results reflect your true functional abilities. After you have spent some time working on your recommendations you have a follow-up assessment that’s so that we can re-test you and progress your exercise recommendations as needed. The follow-up times can range from 1 month- 2 months depending on how diligent you are and how much work you needed.

How do you sign-up?                                         

To get started, just call 651.209.9906 or click here to request appointment. The FMA is not specific to one sport/exercise program, and can help people of all ages and fitness levels. Call now to find out how you can improve as an athlete & reduce your risk of injury!

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