Chiropractic Manipulation

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What is Chiropractic Manipulation?

  • Chiropractic Manipulation is the balancing of the physical structures of the body. This includes gentle techniques using blocks, therapeutic instruments and muscle stretches as well as manual adjustments of your spinal joints. The fee for an adjustment is dependent upon the number of areas treated.
  • Extremity adjustments may be performed to help facilitate the healing of your core structure as well as improve the function of your limbs.
  • Cranial adjustment or manual therapy SYNAPSE incorporates gentle muscle stretching combined with specific breathing patterns to reset the tone of the muscles in and around the head and face.


What is the purpose and are there any contraindications for this treatment?

Chiropractic Manipulation is intended to balance the physical structural part of your body to reduce pain and helps facilitate proper communication between
brain and body. Treatment from a qualified chiropractor is also used to increase overall the function of the body and promote wellness. Contraindications for chiropractic
manipulation include people at risk for stroke, severely degenerated spine, history of spinal surgery, Chiari malformation and individuals with low neurologic tolerance. All of these contraindications are addressed before performing any chiropractic manipulation. For people who cannot be adjusted in a traditional manner, we may be able to implement alternative techniques to achieve the desired results.


What can I expect during Chiropractic Manipulation?

Some adjustments have an audible sound, similar to the sound of knuckles cracking. This is simply a stretch on the joint and a release of pressure that is built up from gases in the joint. The purpose of the adjustment is to increase mobility in the joint to take stress off of the structure, muscles, and nervous system.


How will I feel after Treatment?

After a first adjustment, some people may feel body aches due to the fact this is the first time the joint(s) has been stretched. This ache may last 24-48 hours and can be reduced with heat, you should not be in pain after visiting the clinic. Most people will have a degree of immediate relief and will feel a difference in overall well-being after each visit. The overall health of a patient will also impact how they feel for the first couple days after being adjusted.


How often will I need to see my chiropractor?

The frequency of chiropractic care depends on the individual’s ability to manage mental, chemical and physical stress. Generally speaking, the more stress you have, the more adjustments you will need. Fewer adjustments are required when you properly manage your mental, chemical and physical stress. If you have additional questions about the frequency, it is best to meet our chiropractor to discuss a care plan.


How does Synapse compare to other Eagan Chiropractors?

Each clinic offers a wide variety of services for their patients. While we can’t comment on other clinics services, we can confidently say you will have a difficult time finding an office with the level of expertise that Synapse provides. Most patients are amazed how much they learn about their overall health with our initial consultation.

For most people when they think about a Dr of Chiropractic they think about treating pain issues like the neck, spine or sports injuries, however, that is where our wellness plans begin. From the moment you enter our Eagan clinic, you will see our focus is on your overall health and wellness. Take a look around our waiting area and see testimonials from a variety of successful athletes that were able to recover from a major injury, to a family that was able to get their life back in order by implementing a care plan created by our doctors.

Pain is typically the reason people first find us. However, we encourage you to meet with us before you are hurting. Your spine is the cornerstone of your health, and it affects everything from exercise to sleep. Our mission is to keep you healthy, feeling good and living life to the fullest, whether you are from Eagan, Burnsville, Bloomington, out-state MN or even on the other side of the world!

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