BIA (Bio-Impedence Analysis)

Phase Angle

A high phase angle is consistent with large quantities of intact, healthy cell membranes and body cell mass. Does your phase angle (your cellular age) align with your chronological age?


BIA Optimal Values


Age: Phase Angle:
20 7.9
30 7.6
40 7.3
50 6.9
60 6.4
70 5.8
80 5.1


Age: Phase Angle:
20 7.9
30 7.6
40 7.3
50 6.9
60 6.4
70 5.8
80 5.1


Pounds of Fat

includes the healthy fat stored around your organs as well as unhealthy fat stored throughout the body. Example A: Patient is deficient by 21.2 pounds of fat. Example B: Patient has an excess of 11.9 pounds of fat.

Description: Actual: Normal: Difference:
Pounds of FAT (Example A) 13.1 34.3 -21.2
Pounds of FAT (Example B) 52.1 40.2 11.9

Pounds of BCM (Body Cell Mass)

metabolically “live” or active tissues such as muscle cells, organ cells, blood cells and immune cells.


Pounds of ECM (Extracellular Mass)

metabolically inactive parts of the body components including bone minerals, and blood plasma. If your actual ECM is higher than the normal standard, the difference is considered to be your toxic weight.


Pounds of FFM (Fat-Free Mass)

nonfat (lean) parts of the body. BCM + ECM = FFM.


Liters of ICW (Intracellular Water)

water inside the cell, which helps to hold nutrients in the cell. Approximately 2/3 of the water in your body should be inside the cell.


Liters of ECW (Extracellular Water)

water outside the cell which helps remove waste
inside the cell. Approximately 1/3 of the water in your body should be inside the cell .


Liters of TBW (Total Body Water)

determines your overall level of hydration. ICW + ECW = TBW.


BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate)

amount of energy (calories) your body requires for breathing, digesting, heart beating, muscle activity, transportation of fluids & tissues and the circulation of your blood. You need this amount of energy to do those functions even if you simply laid in bed all day without moving a muscle.


BMI (Body Mass Index)

calculated from height and weight and is used to assess the patient’s risk factor for obesity related diseases.

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